Introducing arc

A – Artificial Intelligence

R – Robotics

C – Collaborative

Intuitive, User oriented

Ark OS is the most intuitive robot control system in the world, it is designed to work with your workflow. It helps you to take on any intelligent task. Ark makes it easy to deploy AI functions, automated patrol with the robot of your choice.

Ready, get set, go

Ark OS does not require complicated setup. Once paired with the robot of your choice, sign into your R2C2 account and the system is up and running in 5 minutes.

Expandable and Inclusive

Ark OS is the most expandable and inclusive robot control system. It supports robots on the ground, in the air and under the water. Regardless of the robot of your choice or the number of robots you want to manage, Ark OS offers the same user experience.

Secure, Peace of Mind

Ark OS can run on cloud or on on premises infrastructure. It complies with your security protocol. Ark OS sends live notifications and generates inspection reports to users during automated robot patrol missions to keep them a peace of mind.

Arc Specifications

Expandable cameras (up to 8 cameras: 4 HD cameras , 4 Night vision cameras), FLIR Thermal sensor, GPS, WiFi 6, 5G, 3 hours battery life, swappable battery, 7kg weight.

AI Power Supercharged

The Next Gen AI Powerhouse

The NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ is a high-performance, power-efficient AI powerhouse. It is designed for next gen autonomous vehicles.


Up to 275 TOPs

8X performance of last generation

state of the art technology

NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ is the state of the art AI inferencing edge devices.


Up to 32TOPS

64GB memories

Qualcomm 5G WiFi 6 empowered

Jetpack is powered by Qualcomm 5G WiFi6 chipset. It is the best performing wireless technology and Wi-Fi standard for 5G and Wi-Fi 6, enabling fast and seamless connections anywhere.

AI and Core Technologies

Human Recognition

Human recognition is a fundamental technology in most AI applications. Jetpack can detect threads and ensure safety of the patrol area.

Abnormal Inspections

JetPack can perform abnormal inspections with its camera and thermal sensors. JetPack can detect damaged parts, missing components, deformation and other abnormalities.

Gas identification

JetPack can detect up to seven types of poison gas listed in the industrial work safety guidelines. Jetpack protects workers from invisible threads.

Active Learning

JetPack supports the Data-AI-Robot training pipeline. The data collected by the Jetpack system can be fed back into its AI training engines to improve AI performance.

Route record

JetPack system allows the robot to see and understand its location. Any robots with JetPack is able to map and navigate its surroundings

Indications & Warning

Jetpack extends your sensory perception with remote “eyes” and “ears”. Provide smart perimeter alerts to stakeholders with AI-powered threat detection.