AgileX Robotics - HUNTER

HTER is an Ackerman front wheel steering ball control class. It is suitable for ordinary models on the road, road surfaces and hard road surfaces. The structure has mechanical enhancement, small time and long time, higher heavy load capacity, and can also achieve higher The movement speed of heavy load capacity is suitable for long-term operation.

AgileX Robotics - SCOUT 2

SCOUT is based on a new industry definition and is designed for applications. Daily travel, intelligent and convenient system safety and low-speed drive, equipped with a new transmission system, free, rotation standard and power, four-wheel drive, easy application, easy control and control, bringing you the best mobile platform solution for mistakes.

AgileX Robotics - SCOUT MINI

SCOUT MINI is a four-speed traveling UGV, with four-speed traveling, Mini UGV, equipped with four-wheel drive, high-speed auto-rotation and other features, in-situ speed and other features, to maximize the manufacturer’s order of magnitude system solution, SCOUT MINI With a speed of up to 10K H, it is an all-round mobile research platform specially designed for cutting-edge scientific experiments.

AgileX Robotics - SCOUT MINI

As a two-wheel differential AGV, TRACER has unique advantages in the field of indoor transportation. The small and flexible structure enables it to freely shuttle in various indoor environments. The combination of high carrying capacity and strong power makes it a great advantage in single handling efficiency. , with the perception system, it can operate more autonomously, with low cost, high efficiency, and fast deployment. It is the king of cost-effectiveness in indoor transportation scenarios.

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